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Dried dressed squared beams by wholesale

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The Euro Profil Corporation has its own production facilities and lumber yards in Kirov Region of Russia, in the settlement of Rechnoy, Kumyonsky District. Among our range of products is also dried dressed square beam. Wholesale at producer’s price starts at 20 m3. Make your pre-order, and we will produce this sawn material in any required amount and size. 

Raw wood materials used in the production process are coniferous species (pine and fir). They are processed on modern German woodworking machinery (by Weinig AG). This equipment produces high quality finished product that fully complies with European standards.

We deliver dried dressed square beams to different cities of Russia and to various foreign countries.

Dried dressed squared beams at producer’s price

We offer a wide range of dried dressed square beams: in different categories, sizes and profiles. Make your orders by the phone (number on website) or straight on the website, filling the order form. The managers of the Euro Profil Corporation will provide you free consultation on the topic of purchasing and transportation of the saw timber products.


Production of dried dressed squared beams

This saw-timber material enjoys high demand on the construction market due to the wide range of application. Due to its technical characteristics this type of beam is used in house building and furniture production. Being totally dried, this saw timber material effectively resists cracking and warping, and its precise cut and smooth finish allows it for safe household usage. 

The Euro Profil Corporation has the whole production process on its own production base. This gives us great advantage in prices over the retail companies. We produce only quality materials, so when you buy wholesale from the producer, you get the best price - no overpricing or overpaying. We work with wholesale trading houses, construction companies and individual enterprisers and we are interested in long-term collaboration. Thus is why we offer considerable discounts to our regular customers who order large amounts of dried dressed square beams.

The quality status of our dried dressed square beams matches the world standards because we use only the modern equipment in production. This equipment (Weinig Hydromat) performs a very clean finish surfacing of wood and a very precise saw-cut. The dried dressed square beams by the Euro Profil Corporation need no follow-on finishing in the construction process.

Wholesale supply of dried dressed squared beams

We carry out wholesale delivery of saw timber materials (including dried dressed square beams) to all regions of Russia and to foreign countires. Our managers organize delivery using trusted logistic schemes and in short time. Transportation by the most marketable means: euro trucks and railway containers. The closeness of the Euro Profil Corporation’s lumber yard to the main city of the region and the federal highways allows saving money on transportation around Russia. 


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