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Euro siding by wholesale

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The Euro Profil Corporation offers euro siding of the highest quality (class A, B, C) wholesale, straight from the manufacturer and at best prices. Euro siding planks are produced from environmentally friendly coniferous wood species on the woodworking equipment of the German brand Weinig Hydromat. The company’s production facilities are situated in Kirov Region of Russia, in the settlement of Rechnoy, Kumyonsky District. We deliver our planks wholesale around Russia.

The main marketing policy is selling our products (euro siding) by wholesale in any amount required by our client. We offer planks in various sizes. To order euro siding from our company – simply call the number on our website or fill in the online order form.

Selling euro siding at producer’s price

We produce euro siding ourselves, which means that our prices are much lower than the prices you get with resellers and mediators. We are oriented at long-term business relationships with our clients, so we offer beneficial discounts for the purchasers of large amounts of saw-timber. Mutually beneficial collaboration is one of the leading principles of the Euro Profil Corporation’s work.


The cost of Eurovantia is wholesale

Толщина, мм
Ширина, мм
Длина, м
Цена за 1 м2
Цена за 1 м3, руб.
Евровагонка A, В
2 - 6
187 руб.
14 400
Евровагонка A, В
163 руб.
12 500
Евровагонка A, В
1 - 1,5
104 руб.
8 000
Евровагонка С
2 - 3
104 руб.
8 000

The cost of euro siding wholesale

** Possible board sizes from 2 to 6 meters: 2m, 2,1m, 2,2m, 2,3m, 2,5m, 2,7m, 3m, 4m, 6m.

Dimensions of eurolining



Production of euro siding

If you look closely at a euro siding plank, it has a decorative notch on the upper side. It makes the surfaces finished with euro siding look more interesting, with regular indents on the assembled surface. See the picture of the euro siding profile showing the sizes of mortise slots and the size of the decorative notch.

The production of euro siding at our company facilities totally complies with the high standards of European quality. Euro siding is produced on the high-capacity woodworking machinery that can perform a very clean finish surfacing and a very precise saw-cut. This is why sawn wood products from the Euro Profil Corporation are fully ready for use in home decoration and house construction and do not require any follow-on finishing.

Wholesale supply of euro siding around Russia

The products of the Euro Profil Corporation are transported to all regions of Russia and exported abroad. Euro siding is in the highest demand of all types of planks. The wholesale supply of euro siding from the manufacturer is carried out by over-the-road truck transportation and by railway containers. On receiving your order we will produce and deliver any required amount of high-quality planks in any size. The managers at our Sales Department will promptly calculate the price of transportation, send the information on your e-mail and answer any questions you have.


Fast online order

Volume in cubes


By submitting an application, you agree to the terms for the processing of personal data. More details.

* Our manager will call you back and clarify all the nuances. Orders are processed during business hours.