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Floorboards by wholesale

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We produce high-class floorboards (pinewood, fir wood) on the German woodworking machinery Weinig Hydromat, Weinig AG being a leading original woodworking equipment manufacturer. We carry out delivery of sawn wood products wholesale (from 20 m3) to all parts of Russia and export to the foreign countries. The Euro Profil Corporation’s production facilities are situated in Kirov Region of Russia, in the settlement of Rechnoy, Kumyonsky District.

Our high-quality floorboards are seamlessly joined in the assembly process due to having profiles with joggles and mortise slots. This makes covering floors with this type of floorboards fast and easy. The floors finished with our floorboards preserve their qualities for a long time.

Selling floorboards at producer’s price

Modern high-capacity woodworking machinery provides high-quality finish surfacing and cuts wood in a very precise way. This allows to assemble our floorboards without any follow-on finishing because they comply with all European standards of quality for matched boards.

You are welcome to order floorboards at the Euro Profil Corporation at the most beneficial price. We hold all production process in our own hands. We offer beneficial discounts on large amounts of saw-timber for our regular customers. We are also open to mutually beneficial individual business interactions.


Стоимость половой доски оптом

Толщина, мм
Ширина, мм
Длина, м
Цена за 1м2
Цена за 1 м3, руб.
Половая доска A, В
3 - 6
446 руб.
12 400
Половая доска A, В 36 110 3 - 6 446 руб 12 400
Европол А, B 28 135 3 - 6 358 руб. 12 800
Европол А, B 28 110 3 - 6 358 руб. 12 800
Половая доска С
2 - 6
288 руб.
8 000

The cost of a floorboard wholesale

** Possible board sizes from 2 to 6 meters: 2m, 3m, 4m, 5m, 6m.


Production of floorboards

Matched floorboards produced at the Euro Profil Corporation totally comply with the State Standard of Russia. Except the connecting elements on the board’s sides (joggles and mortise slots), the back of the board has a ventilation slot that protects wood from excess moisture.

Our boards are carefully sorted before selling. For the best preservation they are packed up with special protective shrink wrap. Careful sorting is also performed on the stages of wood-harvesting and raw-wood purchase. The raw materials used in our production are coniferous raw wood materials (pine and fir) grown in the northern woodlands of Kirov Region and Komi Republic. The output finished products are divided into categories A, B and C.

Wholesale supply of floorboards around Russia and abroad

We carry out delivery of floorboards from our production lumber-yard to all regions of Russia and to foreign countries, by euro trucks (from 40 m3). The wholesale supply is carried out by the most marketable means: over-the-road truck transportation and by railway containers (on demand). The streamlined logistic schemes and the convenient location of our production lumber-yard make it possible to provide the most beneficial method of delivery and the most short-term transportation of floorboards around Russia and abroad. 


Fast online order

Volume in cubes


By submitting an application, you agree to the terms for the processing of personal data. More details.

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